Probe of the Month (TM) for July 2018

July 2018’s Probe of the Month is an ultra-light right-angle stylus holder with M2 threads.  It features a 45.0 mm long stainless steel body with a set screw at one end to hold an unthreaded stylus at a right angle. The holder weighs 2.40 grams without the stylus. They are available with 1.0 or 1.5 mm diameter through holes for the unthreaded stylus. The part numbers are PH2-10 and PH2-15, respectively. They are in stock at $45.00 each. A hex wrench is included (shown). June’s Probe of the Month is a right-angle stylus with a 3.0 mm diameter zirconia ball. The ball is mounted on a 1.5 mm diameter carbide stem that is bonded to a stainless steel stylus holder. The stylus is designed for use on a Faro arm CMM. It weighs just under 113.0 grams.


Our client is an aircraft component manufacturer based in Connecticut. They ordered two.

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