Solid Diamond, or Diamond Coated Spheres?

Solid Diamond Spheres

When probing hard or abrasive surfaces, use solid diamond spheres. Diamond will not wear, even when used with high probing or scanning forces. Solid diamond spheres are ground and polished to Grade 10 sphericity (<250 nm).


(Shown: 3.0 mm and 2.0 mm solid diamond spheres)

Diamond Coated Spheres

When probing soft alloys, like aluminum, use diamond coated spheres. No buildup occurs when probing or scanning soft materials with diamond coated spheres.


Another advantage of diamond coated spheres is their high Grade 5 (<150 nm) sphericity.  They're available in more sizes, and they cost less than solid diamonds.


(Shown: 3.05 mm and 2.05 mm coated diamond spheres)